5415 Avenue Walkley
Montreal City, QC H4B 2L4

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I moved in here on October 2014.
I found a bunch of dead bugs up against a wall but didn't know what they were. I found a live dead bug in the bath tub...I didn't know what it was. I moved in with nothing and bought new furniture. ..I immediately began to have bight marks and itchy skin...I later discovered there are bed bugs. I asked the neighbors if they had it and they said the whole building. It's OMHM and they have been treating the building since I called to complain but it's pointless. T

hey live in the walls. Their feces are on the electric outlets. My brand new mattress and new furniture has become infested!!!!!
It doesn't matter how many treatments they do, I keep getting them from the neighbors and the walls....the building needs to be burned down!!!
I'm severely allergic to these disgusting insects. I can't afford to move or buy new furniture!

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