4311 Beaconsfield Ave
Montreal, QC H4A

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This guy Marc barchichat who owns it is a real peice of shit. He shows up lurking and even leaving apartments when you just know your neighbors are not there with him. He, or own of his dirty workers, always say they are just "fixing" stuff, or spraying for bugs, but nothing ever gets fixed, and the place is still crawling! The laundry room is a mess, too, with piles of what I guess is termite wood all over the place. Even the walls and carpet are gross -- don't walk there without your shoes and

a long-sleeved shirt. Place should be shut down, and the owner should be brought behind a barn and have his greasy hide tanned.

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I don't know if this place is better, but it sure does go through a lot of owner companies. A new one crops up every few months. Funny how that dirtbag asshole MarcBarchichat is administrator of every one of them. Money laundering??? Oh, and lots of bugs and rats and mice, too.

Yah, this place is rife with bugs. I used to live in the semibasement apartment and I think i got the worst of it. Landlord is the turdy Marc Barchichat, and with his fugly staff (seriously, toss a milkbone in the road and watch' em fight it out), they have run this building and attached 4309 Beaconsfield into the ground and dirt. The douche own a bunch of other places in the city, so check out who the owner is before you rent. So glad I am outta' that shit-hole.

I loved there a few years ago, and moved out when the new owner Marc Barchichat refused to do anything even after I called and email and sent registered letters about rats in the walls and the basement. I even saw a rat in the building lobby!
I haven't been back, but anyone who follows the informative blog http://www.philbergeronburns.com/drupal/node/15 knows that this building owner does not care about bedbugs, mice, rats, cockroaches, or criminals in his buildings (possibly given that he is a

t least two of the above).

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The landlord recently got exterminators to spray select areas of the building (kitchen and bathroom under-sink cabinets), but it is really too late: There have been mice and cockroaches in the building (and not just the ever-changing management and its peons) for years. No new tenant stays longer than a year (lots of midnight moves) because of the problems with vermin and management. The restaurants, bakeries and fruit store on the ground floor of the attached building are nearly going out of bu

siness because of all the problems with bugs and mice/rats.

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