3415 Avenue Girouard
Montreal, QC H4A

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woke up with three bites on Oct. 29th, 2010. Found dead bug and one dying bug on the floor in the afternoon which suggests a neighbour had them and got their place sprayed and then the bugs escaped to my apartment to die/bite me. I freaked out and had the place sprayed five days later. I didn't throw away my bed or couch or anything. PCO came and sprayed everywhere and said it had to be a minor case. I did all my laundry like they told me to and vacuum regularly. I might have been bitten a coupl

e of times since the treatment but it's hard to tell because my skin is now very sensitive.

I'm not sure if they're all dead now. have not seen any bugs or signs of bugs since the first spray. going to use an active monitor for the next few days to see if any are left. if i find anything in the monitor I will have another spray treatment and then caulk everywhere/put diacetemous earth in all the cracks and baseboards. i don't trust the management not to be horrible and try to blame this all on me so I'm not going to tell them unless other people come forward with me. has anyone else had issues?

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The neighbor had bed bugs and they spread to my apartment.

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