6022 Rue Sherbrooke W
Montréal, QC H4A

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After another spraying bugs are gone.

The whole thing started about February 09, at least in our apartment. My wife never got bitten, but unfortunately for me , i am the target.
At first i thought it was an allergy to dust mites, since we were unable to find the insects.
the first one i found was in the beginning of May 09, and i reported it right away to the genator in the building. ONLY THE HE TOLD US THAT THERE IS AN INFESTATION IN THE BUILDING !!!!!!!
Supposedly the tenant that brought them to the building has been already re

moved, but why the hell are we finding out now ?!??!?!
The first spraying was done in early July 09, and for couple of weeks all was quiet. today i was bitten again. and again i called the guy reporting the problem. now we are waiting for a re-spray.
However, since the whole building was never sprayed (only apartments that reported the problem were treated) we are worried that it will happen again to us.

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