231 Kensington Ave
Westmount, QC H3Z

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We started getting bites about 5 weeks ago (end of October) and then saw the bedbugs in our apartment in a eight unit builing. We advised the building manager who told us that the tenants in the apartment below us had already been treated for bedbugs. The manager finally agreed with a lot of talk to have the exterminators come to our apartment. We followed the exterminators guidelines. We talked to the building manager again about 10 days afterwards as we were still getting bites and seeing b

ugs, to have another treatment done, but were told that it wasn't necessary. We did not find the manager very cooperative or sympathetic. Also they had not advised any of the other tenants of the situation.

The whole situation was extremely upsetting to say the least. When we met with the manager again mid-November, showed him our bites and said we couldn't go on like this, he said we could get out of the lease without any penalty. A few days later, he asked if we would be willing to stay if we got November's rent at 50% off, but did not offer to do any more bug control. We have now moved out of the building and have either put our furniture into cold storage or put it in the garbage (slashed pillows, etc so no one else will take them)

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