201 Avenue Metcalfe
Westmount, QC H3Z

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See other report for 200 Kensington, which is the other entrance to the same building.

We moved in here a couple of months ago from Europe, and were dismayed to hear that this pest even existed! The owner said the apartment was newly renovated, but we soon found out that the hardwood floors had simply been laid on top of the old infested carpets. there are holes and crevices everywhere, and a lot of silverfish coming out of the duct that carries the piping and is shared among all apartments. Taping (carpet tape) all over the rooms showed that the bedbugs lived almost exclusively i

n the bedroom (until we caulked that off completely, and now they are showing up elsewhere). We were never told that this apartment had an issue before, and now I fear that all the new furniture we bought will have to be thrown out. I definitely don't want to take these pest with me to another place!

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