4998 De Maisonneuve
Westmount, QC H3Z 1N2

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Found bed bugs in the apartment I moved into about 2 weeks ago. Sent images to an exterminator for identification ahead of reporting it and it was confirmed 100% that they are the dreaded bug. Reported it to the management company immediately. They sent pest control to check my apartment. The pest control didn't do a full inspection (didn't check mattress, bedding or couch, where I saw one each) as they claim that you "can't see bedbugs". No inspection or spraying of adjacent units. They have st

ated that the bugs are fleas. I have two independent sources that are stating that the bugs I have are NOT fleas, but bedbugs.
For some reason, they refuse to admit that there are bedbugs in their building and are not doing anything about this. Instead of dealing with it, they will allow the problem to continue and get worse, meanwhile I have to live with these critters. Absolutely terrible.
VERY POOR building management, will be reporting this to the City immediately.

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