5120 Avenue Earnscliffe
Montreal, QC H3X

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there ARE bedbugs there. the entire building was infested a year ago.its a 28 floor highrise, and the owners DID NOT take care of the issue properly!! they hired a cheap extermination company, and instead of doing the entire flor plus at least 1 floor above and one beneath the infected floor each time the exterminator came, they would only do 1 appartment at a time. the pests moved to the other apps, and so they spread, and spread. my place alone, i had to get them to call at least 7 times in t

he space of 1 year.they where all over the place, even crawling on my curtains. i ended up taking the owners to court for all the furniture i had to leave behind, and i had to spend over 100$ just washing all my clothes and fabric items to make sure i don't bring anything with me when i moved. it was hell. the bites never stopped. i was covered in them. it was absolutly horrible.

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