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I have issues with the superintendent, he is arrogant and condescending and does not follow the rules regarding Laundry hours, he locks the laundry room 10-15 minutes before 9PM leaving peoples clothes captive for the night and causing a lot of frustration when you have nothing to wear the next day to work. He's supposed to lock it at 9PM but he doesn't care. I've complained a couple of times but he just acts stupid and doesn't acknowledge that he locks it early, yeah, he's a liar too. Recently,

i needed to pay cash for my rent and i scheduled an appointment to meet with him before i left for work. I go down to the office with money in hand and guess what? He's not in his office of course. I waited 25 minutes for him before i had to leave for work, missing my chance to pay before the weekend, after calling him 3 times while waiting no less. 10 minutes after i left, he calls me finally telling me he's in the office, really? Now i'm getting calls from the owner saying i need to pay rent ASAP. This super is making me look bad in managements eyes and i believe it's on purpose to get back to me for giving him hell regarding the repeated early laundry room close. You can't win i know, but i need to put it out there, maybe the owner will read it someday and see what an ass his super is. I'm trying to find the owner's telephone but haven't succeeded so far, if anyone has it, please l;et me know. Thanks, I needed to vent a bit ;-)

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A friend just moved in, and he has bedbugs. He complained to the janitor, but she never told him that this building, including my friend's new apartment, have been full of bedbugs since the summer. He is gonna open a case at the Regie. A bunch of other tenants told him about the bugs when he started talking to neighbours and people in the elevator, and others in the lobby. He's not happy, he's stuck. Abd the janitors and owners should have told him before he signed up.

I live there and my place has been treated 4 times over 4 months. You think your okay and then your neighbors get it and then you get it again. No one is happy to live here.

My neighbor got bit in her place a bunch of times, but because its the holidays the janitor doesn't want to do anything. He says she's crazy even though almost everyone else on her floor has already been sprayed. Lots of people are moving out and subletting, plus there's cops here almost every week. Maybe the cops can arrst the bedbugs LOL. They've been crawling around since the summer. Management FAIL. Big Time!

I can't believe this place. It's less than 2 weeks before Christmas and people in this building are still finding bedbugs and getting sprayed by exterminatirs. If you walk around the outside you see lots of people have all these garbage bags on their balcony and that means that they are putting their stuff out there so the guys can come and spray. I her one apartment got sprayed a bunch of times in the past few months, so whatever thing is being doen is kinda useless. This place should be repor

ted to the health authorities.

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I have been here a long time, but now these bedbugs are every where. I dont want to moove, but if I stay here much longer the bugs will get to my place too. They have been crawling all over other peoples places and going from place to place cuz the management wont spend the money to get rid of them all -- just a few places every week. The place smells like bug spray all the time, and there are always exterminators coming and going. A few of my neighbors have had to put all their stuff on the bal

conies and wash all there stuff at the laundry. I hear this has been going on since the summer, and a few other people on this site say so, too.

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This is crazzy. My place is getting sprayed next week (right before December), and I just found this web cite now and see that my other neighbors are having pronblems, too. Now who knows where the bugs re, since alot of the people had their appartements done before but there is still problems. And also the elevatore is broke and I don't know how that is gonna get fixed too. I hope this is takin care of before my family comes over for Christmas.

It's November 17 and the bed bugs are still everywhere. The landlord and janitors spray the same apartments over and over, and the bugs just escape to other apartments. People from all the floors gave bites and dead bugs evertwhere. After 3 months of this, i have had enough and i'm getting out before they get to me. The idiots should just do the whole bldg and not 3 apartments at a time. What a shitty place this has become - i have been here for years and it's going downhill so fast.

September and October 2012, I hear that lots of apartments on 4 of the five floors are being sprayed a few times, but only a few at a time, so looks like bugs moving through building every time there 'homes' get ruint. I hope they get them all, since i live down the street and i don't want thise things to spread across buildings.

Yuck! My cousin and his girlfriend live there on the highest floor, and told me two more apartments were hit, don't even know if the exterminators were legit, because they had to do it a few times in each, and still problems! I hope the owners know how to stop the spread. And I hope these people know how to kep their neighbours safe , too. (My cousin woud kill me if he knw I was posting this!)

Moving out next month -- saw bedbugs in the hall, then in my place. The super's an ass, won't do anything about it, won't even tell the owner. I know people on top floor have had lots of problems with bedbugs and roaches. I have never seen an exterminator. This old building is falling apart. Not cool.

Hi every one. I was going to move in2 the bilding so I met the concirges and saw a 2-bedsroom in the basement. It was really nice so I left to think it over and talk about it with my boyfriend but as I left I ran into one of the people who live there and she told me the same thing the other poster on tbis page said. Sbe said that there were bugs in some apartments but not others, but said that the owner didn't ant to pay to get rid of them and said th people should do it themselves which means t

hat the bugs just go from place to place. So no matter how nice this place looks from the front area with the couches and stuff, don't be fooled. It's not good. I think also that the fact that the place I saw plus another place are still not rented after 8 months or whetver is a sign that people can tell it;s not cool. Thanks.

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Moved here in the summer of 2011, lots of sillverfish, these weird-looking millipedes or centipedes, cockroach droppings. Some of the tenants look like they might be bringing them in, too. Supers do what they can, but although owner seems nice, really he is a savvy cut-throat businessman who will do what he must to save $.

A friend of mine lives here and had to spray his apt. last year because the landlord told him he (the tenant) was responsible. So he sprayed. Now he has bedbugs again... bites all over his arms, etc. The other tenants must have them too because if his landlord refused to spray the bugs that got away likely just moved into the walls and/or the next apt.

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