5005 Macdonald Ave
Montréal, QC H3X
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Hi I would like to get information about que bedbug on this building. I have a problem with the manager of the place about the bedbug and a lease I was suppose to sign. I would like to speak to one of you.
You can contact me at [email protected] Thank you.


j'aimerais parler a une personne d'entre vous qui a vécu dans ce batiment et qui a eu des punaises de lits. J'ai des problèmes avec le gérant concernant ces punaises de lit et un bail en jeu.

Merci de me

contacter le plus rapidement possible au [email protected]

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I have noticed that someone has been disputing the claims on this page in reference to the address. There should be no dispute. There are numerous infestations at this address and something has to be done about it because lives of adults and CHILDREN are being ruined. If there is a dispute it should be where the victims can see it.

This place is completely infested. stay away.

Me and my husband moved into this building in May 2010, and within a month I started getting bites from head to toe. Having never seen bedbugs or their bites before we thought it was just mosquito or black fly bites as I work outside. In July I had to go to the emergency because of an allergic reaction that covered my entire forearm and a bite on my left eye that practically shut it. Unfortunately they werent able to tell me what kind of bite it was because of how large and bad the reaction was.

In July we found a mouse and informed the super, but no one ever came to take care of the problem. In August we realized that what we had was bedbugs after I found one in the bedroom and looked it up on the internet. At that point the mouse took a backseat to the bedbug infestation. The landlord sent an exterminator at the beginning of September, we followed all the instruction washing everything we owed (which cost us a little over $300 at the laundromat), and hoped that the problem was over. Within one month they were back and I was getting bitten again. After speaking to other tenants we realized they had been in the building for years and our landlord was letting new people move in. They accused us of bringing them in when we spoke to them and when we asked an exterminator what had to be done they said if they were in the entire building then the entire building had to be treated, which they refused to do and even went as far as telling me I was "making up stories and to leave them the hell alone". Quote from the super. We quickly moved out because at the time (beginning of October 2010) I was 2 months pregnant and the stress was affecting me and the baby. We left every piece of furniture we owned, which was ALL brand new. We lost everything and it took over a month to keep going back and carefully cleaning our clothing (which we did not take all, only what was most important), and our belongings. We are now taking them to court to break our lease as of the 1st of November 2010, and hoping that we can win and will not owe them any more. Because of their dishonestly and irresponsibility we have lost everything we owned, while we are expecting our first child. We needed to move in with my parents and now need help getting by because of all the money we had to spend to replace everything. This building is completely infested and no one should be moving in until it is either treated, or demolished. The landlord should be sued and should not be allowed to be responsible for any dwelling. They have no respect for their tenants and try to put the blame on them. We were referred to as "You People" on numerous occasions. I have a signed paper from 7 tenants that they have had bed bugs, mice and cockroaches in the past 7 years. If anyone would like to take them to court we would be happy to be a witness and if anyone would like to do the same for us please get a hold of me.

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We moved into this apartment in July, other tenants warned us that the last tenants had bed bugs - big surprise now that we have them. We didn't have them at our previous address, nor did we bring them in via old use furniture. The landlord sent an exterminator to our apartment alone, but that did nothing. They won't send another one. and the super intendent said the people in the apartment below us complained about them. BEWARE

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