4970 Chemin Queen Mary
Montreal, QC H3W

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With the contribution of the landlord who solved the problem right away, and with two bedbugs exterminations, the bed bugs are now gone.

My mother got bites all over her body. We went to the clinic because she was not able to move her right arm. The doctor said it was bed bugs.
The landlord brought the exterminator who did not do much. the landlord does know that he has to do the whole bulding but still he only did 2 apartments. That is we still have them and even if the product works for a while, bed bugs can easily come back whenever from another apartment.

We got the bitten and went to the doctor and told us it was from bed bugs. We checked, and sure enough, BED BUGS! The landlord brought the "exterminator", but did not do much to the bugs. We still have them and another apartment in the building has them, too.

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