4810 Chemin Queen Mary
Montreal, QC H3W

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This building is infested

my girlfriend and i have been living here since july of 2010. she began getting weird bites almost immediately, but the both of us were totally unfamiliar with bed bugs. after a few months, my girlfriend had had enough and began researching. very quickly it became clear to her what the bites were from. after a month or so of not believing her, we took apart the bed and found, in the plastic corner pieces of our box spring, about a dozen stage 5 adults. needless to say, my gf went into hysterics,

rightfully so. i had been calling her crazy up until then. by this time its october.
we notified our concierge right away, who was very quick to blame us and tell us we had brought them. our landlord had pest control come in and spray the place, and after 4 treatments, living out of garbage bags for 6 weeks and thrown out furniture, we still had them.
we strongly insisted we were not the cause of this, and asked that other apartments be searched. it didnt make sense that after several treatments the problem was getting worse. finally, by mid december, after being accused for months that it was us, they searched the apartment below us to find the tenant had an infestation.
they have been treating us since, at least another 3 treatments, to no avail. im writing this at 5 am feb. 7th, after my girlfriend woke me up to turn on the flashlight and search, a regular routine of ours now, and discover several creeping in between the baseboards and the wall. our suspicions are they are living between the first and second floor.
i get bit every so often, but my girlfriend gets it 10 times worse. she cannot sleep ever, wakes with horrible swollen bites and has experienced psychological trauma over all this, not to mention now the pest control guy is blaming her, because the landlord has been blaming him, and us, for this problem. i am in the process of trying to get out of here.
this building is a write off. DO NOT BOTHER. THIS BUILDING IS IN TROUBLE. THE PROBLEM IS GETTING WORSE. they are unable to fix this problem at this point and only want to keep us quiet until our lease is up so someone who wont complain will move in.
the woman below us has lived in her bed bug infestation for a while, at least a year, without complaining. the landlord would much rather this sort of tenant then a young couple aware of the situation. i would not wish this on anyone.

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