4610 Chemin Queen Mary
Montreal, QC H3W

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I was in this building 7 1/2 year,I don't have bed bugs but had mice in 2010 ones,I had reported it to land lord at the times, He calls an exterminator ,after I don't have any problem in my apartment .

I was in this apartment for 3 years. This apartment has bugs (mainly bed bugs) and mice. I have reported it to land lord several times without any initiative. I personally caught 8 mice and finally given up. By the time i left the apartment, it had more than 3 mice running everywhere. I had to change my mattress twice and finally i use special bed bug resiatant mattress protector. I have couple of pictures and videos to support my claims.

I have encountered the same problem from the landlord and he acted like he was surprised about it. I even move from the ground floor to the third floor and the bed bugs followed me. He hids the problem but doesnt make it really go away.

Bit by bedbugs in December 2010. Evidently they've been there two years and the landlord doesn't tell anyone when you move in. He calls an exterminator to spray the room where someone was bit but doesn't treat the adjoining rooms.

I have not personally experienced bed bugs in the building, but after living here for six months one of the other residents told me that there have been bed bugs on the second and third floor for two years. This conversation took place December 3, 2010.

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