5491 Avenue Victoria
Montréal, QC H3W

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I am the new owner of the building 5491 and 5497 Victoria since October 2013. I have a monthly contract with an Exterminator Pestroy who has assured me that in the past two years there have been no signs of bed bugs. Also being the new owner I am extremely attentive to the needs of my tenants. I have also renovated more than 50% of the locals in the building and will continue to do so in order to provide high quality locals. Thank you

5491 and 5497-A are the same building, just two separate entrances. Yes, I found bedbugs last year. the concierge had them, and had bites all over his body. THe landlord didnt spray, and it took them over a year after I complained before they finally did spray, but only once.

While looking for an apartment, I started talking to a resident of this building. He told me about how the owners have refused to fix various moderate problems, like replacing broken refridgerators window screens, or repairing leaky hot water tanks, and how they haven't always been diligent when it comes to pest infestations. He showed me some dead bedbugs he had found in his room (they were alive when he found them) that he was keeping as proof (in glass jars). He had two bugs, they were unmist

akably beadbugs. He said that he knew of at least one room in the building where the infestation was persisting, but that many apartments in the building hadn't been affected yet. His problem with them has been mild lately, but once they're in a building, they're very hard to get rid of.

He said the owner was unwilling to have a good pest control company come in to do a thorough treatment of every room. Even a thorough all out assault on bedbug infestations can take a while to succeed in ridding a building completely of them. From what I've heard, it sounds like pest control companies are still trying to refine effective bedbug control and extermination methods.

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