3710 Chemin Queen Mary
Montreal, QC H3V

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I currently live in the building for the past 2 years and have a classmate who also lives in the building. A mutual friend of ours applied and aksed about this. We've both experienced absolutely no problems. I can tell you I've lived in slumlord type buildings before and this is not one of them. The manaagement office takes care of any issues very quickly. From what we've seen, the building is clean.

Noved into 215 St Jacque apt 7 Lavhin in Oct 2010.Two months later i started having skin problems.Thought it was hives or allargies.Kept everthing clean and bought lotions etc...Febuary scratching more and more until until the april rent deadline.On may 2 after the deadline for rent renewal woke up scratching and turned on the light.Sitting on the pillow was a BEDBUG.Jumped out of bed,bagged my lined and didn't get back to sleep until noon that day.Told the Landlord but he said maybe i brought t

hem in and he did NOTHING.Talked to my neighbor #8 and he told me he had them when he moved in.The landlord told him the same thing so he tried to get rid of them on his own.NO LUCK.Called the landlord back and he sent this guy with a spray 12 days ago.Result i still have them.No i know the Landlord knew aboout the problem and didnot do ANYTHING except to take my rent money and run.Now i am going to MOVE and i will take my chances in front of a Rental Judge if the Landlord tries to bring me to the Rental Board.I kept a collection of dead bugs plus the fact the SLUMLORD knew about the problem and did nothing.Apart from the cost and the stress this is going to be a long term problem which i have to fix before moving into another place.

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I moved into Apt. 9 of this building in September, 2008. There weren't any problems until early October when I developed a rash all over my legs and feet. The rash eventually went away but I was still suffering from itchy bumps all over my skin. I did not know it was bed bugs until mid November when I actually saw one in my bed early one morning. I had suspected it but I was in deep denial. It was the most horrific thing to have to come to terms with! The landlord was not very cooperative and b

asically blamed us for bringing in the bed bugs. He refused to pay for an exterminator (because nobody else had ever complained about this problem) and I had to get the city building inspector involved. In the meantime, I managed to control the bugs in our unit by sealing the mattress, using double sided tape on the bed frame, washing and bagging all of my clothes and linens, steaming the furniture and laying diatomaceous earth on the floor. The diatomaceous earth was key - it literally saved my skin because the bed bugs had no chance of survival after crawling through it. After two weeks I was no longer suffering from bites, but there were still bugs in the building. I managed to get a collective going in the building and I found out that there were about 7 other units that had bed bugs. The landlords eventually got an exterminator to come, once in the Winter and once in the Spring, but it did not really help the problem. There was no sight of them in my unit until April when my roommate found them in her clothes. We both decided to move out for the summer (we are students) to stay away from the bugs and we moved out for good in August 2009 at the end of our lease. Fortunately our new building is clean and we were very careful not to bring them with us. I would not wish bed bugs upon my worst enemy. Good luck to anyone fighting this problem!

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