3261 Avenue Forest Hill
Montreal, QC H3V

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My apartment was first treated in 2007, then again in 2010 and now twice in 2011. Apparently, the bed bug problem was always in "other apartments" until I found one on the floor of my bedroom on April 7, 2011; they have arrived "chez nous". I want to believe the landlord is acting responsibly regarding this problem, but I question the methods of the extermination company he is using. Why is this an ongoing problem for over 3 1/2 years? Part of me says it's time to move, but the other part que

stions do you want to take them with you? Incidentally, along my street, I am now seeing mattresses left out for the trash which signals to me that the problem is present in other buildings. Why did Gød create bed bugs?

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There have been bedbugs in this building for over a year in different apartments. Although I hadn't seen any, my floors have been sprayed by Pestroy (twice) as a preventative measure because my neighbours had them. On February 27, 2011 I came home from a weekend away to find a bedbug crawling on top of my duvet cover. When I went to launder my bedding I found several more. Pestroy has since sprayed but I keep finding bugs in my bed, at all hours of the night. My life has been turned upside down.

I'd move but I know I'd just be taking them with me.

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