2850 Avenue Barclay
Montréal, QC H3S

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In June 2010 almost all the tenants have left the scene since the invasion touched
almost all homes. Despite several visits from the exterminator, he took
several months to get rid of bed bugs. They come and go.

I moved into the building in june 2009, the present administration had just bought the building. They renovated the whole place, I mean new kitchens, bathrooms, all common spaces, everything. I have had absolutly no bug problems of any sort, the building is kept very clean and the administrators are very accomidating.

It\'s been a couple of years since we\'ve been fighting with the beasts. First, they were spotted in appts#11 & 12 in 2006. The tenants informed the landlord, but he accused them for bringing the old furniture from the street, which was NOT the case. Finally, landlord called exterminators. They sprayed both apartments. After that, the tenants had to laundry ALL their closes and bed linen. However, the bugs came back after a while. They come and go. We use powder, diesel and kerosene to repel the


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