6530 Wilderton
Montreal, QC H3S 2L5

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i lived there over 10 years there is no bedbugs a all

Ongoing bedbug and cockroach problems, a tenant took signatures from all the other tenants who had bedbug/roach problems in November 2014…she has since moved since but was very upset at the time..

Bedbugs identified by exterminator 21 Jan 2015 in our apt. he sprayed for them but we found more the next night. We dont know how big the problem is yet, he is coming back tomorrow, he will also ckeck neighbours as there are mattresses outside the building for the last 3 wks. There is a huge problem with cockroaches in the building also. Exterminator comes every month using pesticides and they are still there throughout the apts in the building.

Please note the following facts that have been disclosed since I made the above post:
-the bedbugs had been there a year before, and are not currently there
-the spraying is ordered as part of a regular preventative measure, not an ongoing treatment

In a search for apartments, was in email contact with a tennant here looking to transfer their lease. When I asked, they mentioned they had bedbugs and that the owner was sending people to spray the place. This happened October 14th, 2014.

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