901 Rue Jarry O
Montreal, QC H3N

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The bed bugs have been here for years. Still current to date, Dec 31, 2010. Surges come and go. They appear to go away after a routine spraying then come back. I usually find them around the bed, not the mattress though but on the corners of pillows in pillowcase flaps. And also the curtains. Finally after thorough inspection and large use of boric acid (spray failed) the problem is nixed, for now, or greatly reduced. The last cleanout I found over 200 eggs in the curtain folds and hem. But I s

till get the occasional one or two. We even found them inside the pink thermal stuff in the walls in the stairwell where some wall was broken. I have also tracked one bug traveling up the stairs, amazed at how resilient it is, and witnessed how they spread apartment to apartment. The area (Parc-X) should have one huge red spot on the map. It is epidemic here.

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