7729 Avenue Querbes
Montreal, QC H3N

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There is bed bugs in this building as of July
2012 the landlord hired some one to get rid of them but he only checked those apartment only if you were there on that day between 1-2 pm... He said the guy will come again after 4 weeks to check if the bed bugs are still tehre but he still did not show up.. This is not a good place to live in and the landlord is only there for the money and everything else you have to call him a hundred time before he comes to fix anything... He is terrible guy and

takes advantage of those who does not know the law...

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I am currently a tenant in this building. There are no bedbugs what so ever.. not even a trace of any kind of insect infestation at all. As stated above, this apartment is infact very clean.

The report for this building is completely false. I am the current tenant in apartment 12 and can attest that there are no bedbugs and that there have never been any at least since I have been here. The building has in no way been declared uninhabitable. On the contrary, the building is very clean and well-maintained.

I understand that the report was filed by a former tenant who wanted to break the lease. While this website serves an important function in the fight against true incidents

of bedbugs, there is no way to confirm the veracity of reports and thus allows people, as in the case of this apartment, to make false reports for vindictive reasons. Do NOT trust everything you read on this website!

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Apartments 12 and 8 of this building officially declared uninhabitable and tenants moved out and broke their lease as of August 2010, due mainly to bedbug infestation. Landlord hired cut-rate exterminators who did not get rid of the bugs and only did not co-ordinate exterminations in the different apartments. Threatened to sue tenants for wanting to leave. The buildings has had them for a long time apparently.

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