7260 Rue Durocher
Montreal, QC H3N

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*I meant the hot water, the heating and the internet were set a minimum levels

I stayed around 2 years at that place, it's very neat and clean, in fact one of the cleanest buildings in the area. The building is renovated and the finishes are really good. I don't recall seeing any insects at all. However the owner did not clean the floor or the shower prior to my arrival, I had to do it myself so if you move there expect you will have to do that. Also he set the hot water, the water and the internet speed at minimum levels, after a few complaints the hot water was ok, but I

was not satisfied with the heating and the internet, especially the heating. I would have been ok with paying a bit more and have better heating. Overall it's an ok place, but be prepared to buy a quality electrical heater.

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Last report of bedbugs is not true, someone is playing tricks, must have been because he did no pay rent and I had to evict him or her. If you found my ad for the rent of the apartment, call me and I will guarantee you there's no bedbugs at all!
I have 15 apartments in this block and they they are all occupied, if I would have bedbugs I would have no tenants. Anonymous reports are not 100% true. Call me.
Thank for the previous good comment of a tenant I guess, it is really a clean place, NO be

dbugs at all!

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Serious probleme, big one... There is a hold appartement whit millions of it, can t live in this place never recommande to people .... Hope i ve seen this comments befor

I have lived here since july 2012, it is the cleanest apartment that I have seen, that is why I chose it. I have not seen one bed bug, not one cockroach nor any mice. This building is clean, so whatever may have happened prior to my move here it is certainly resolved because I am witness of that.

The problem described below, was RESOLVED. There is no more such issues at this building.
A licensed exterminator came the SAME DAY when we've been advised, and did the necessary to get rid of the problem in the whole building, we have receipts as the proof.

Bed bugs are traveling with people, they don't just like that, out of nowhere. We never had this problem before that person came to our building. The building was completely renovated, and there is no old furniture at this location.

I moved into a furnished apartment in this building in the Parc Extension neighborhood on 21 August and saw a bed bug crawling across my sheets the next morning. I immediately broke the rental agreement and moved out the same day. The bed bugs were in the bed frame and I noticed their feces but didn't realize what they were until I saw a bug. As far as I know the landlord agreed to have an exterminator come and deal with the one apartment but not the whole building as recommended by health au

thorities. He also would not give me back my deposit. Don't rent an apartment here!

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