7036 Rue Durocher
Montréal, QC H3N

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1445 dufort, I just move in and oh surprise y woke up with 3 bites on my arm that look a lot like bed bug bites...didn't have those at my old place.

Still the same tenants as above and the last few weeks have been very stressful as the three of us are full-time music students with various concerts/recitals/rehearsals. Add to our normally hectic schedules the complete tearing up of our apartment to make it so the exterminator can spray every square inch of the apartment and that gives an idea of the current state of things. We had the apartment sprayed by S D Exterminators, which after pressing the landlord about their competence in dealing

with bedbugs learned that they are not necessarily knowledgeable about how to get rid of bedbugs, which is problematic since they are the most resilient and difficult household pests to get rid of in major cities.

As for the past two weeks, we've learned that the people downstairs still have them bad as well as the people next door on the 2nd floor and our 3rd floor neighbors. Apparently the dude on the 3rd floor fumigated his place himself which seems rather dubious and the 2nd floor family underneath him haven't had an exterminator come yet because their landlord hasn't said that he would pay for it, which is against the agreement of the lease. Unfortunately they are Turkish and don't speak much English nor French, so when I told them to make a complaint with the Régie du logement de Montréal, they just sort of smiled and nodded the way that I do when I have no idea what I am being told.

Luckily the 1st floor inhabitants are all (touche bois) bedbug free.

In any case, our house was completely sprayed on the 26th and our landlord understands that it sucks for us and is putting his faith in S D Extermination. We packed up a few days worth of freshly-washed clothing in airtight ziplock bags and stayed at friends' houses while the poison worked for the past few days. We'll see what happens next...hopefully our landlords' faith in S D was well-earned and we'll be done with this.

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We are three friends living in a 5 1/2. Toward the end of February, we each noticed what looked like spider bites. Not having any previous experience with or knowledge of bedbugs, we gave a cursory look to our mattress but didn't see anything, so we dismissed the bites as something caused by our diets. On the evening of March 7th, the first bedbug was spotted crawling across the bed as one of us was lying abed reading, and after some research, we realized that bedbugs were indeed the culprits. W

e phoned the landlord the next morning, and found out that he had had the downstairs apartment fumigated the week before AND DID NOT TELL US. So he knew of the problem for at least 1-2 weeks and did not mention it, leaving us to believe we had some sort of mysterious skin condition. Unbelievable. After much convincing, we were able to get the landlord to have an exterminator come out the morning of March 16th. Unfortunately the guy didn't seem to know what he is doing and we are worried that he did not do a good enough job. Worst of all, only one out of six units was fumigated, which seems utterly pointless. Now we wait...

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