7205 Avenue D'outremont
Montreal City, QC H3N 2M1

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Moved out august 2015.

Don't trust the landlord. When moving in I asked if the building had a problem with bugs, he said no no since it's above a restaurant they can't let that happen.

After the winter I found a bed bug. Landlord acted innocent asking me how I know it's a bed bug etc. Then it turns out the apartment next door had been sprayed two weeks before because they had found some. Slimy landlord did not tell anyone else in the building there was bed bugs, so of course when they spra

yed they spread to my apartment. I talked to my other neighbour who lived in the building many years and he told me there are frequent bed bug outbreaks in the building. Landlord denied it all, lying through his teeth. My apartment was sprayed twice, the second time I was gone for a few weeks and apparently the whole building was sprayed. The first night I came back I found another bedbug and told my landlord I am leaving.

Before I was moved out he had already posted the apartment for rent, and was asking me if people could come see it. I asked him if he expected me to say nothing about the bedbugs? He made some cowardly passive aggressive comments but ultimately waited to I left to show people the apartment.

DON'T TRUST HIM, I would never step foot in that building again including the restaurant 'PANAMA' down stairs.

By the way the postal code above is wrong, it is H3N 2L5

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