2675 Rue St-charles
Montréal, QC H3K

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As of approximately November 1st, 2014, the apartment was infested with bedbugs. An apartment very close owned by the same landlady had them, and so an exterminator was sent to deal with that problem and inspect all other apartments about 2 weeks prior, and found nothing in my apartment. Then, as of about the 1st, I began to wake up with lots and lots of bites. The landlady was nice, and called in the exterminator again, but he found nothing. The third time he was called in (December 7th), appar

ently they found lots of them, including eggs. I was forced into getting rid of my bed, was told if I did not, I would be forced to pay for all future damages from bedbugs to my apartment and the other tenants near me. I could not buy an air matress, as I have a very bad back, so I slept on my couch, was not willing to buy a new bed yet and then have to throw it out too. Was assured that the problem was totally dealt with, and while I might still get a few bites during the next few nights, after two weeks it would be done. Treatment finally seemed to work, but as of January 1st, 2015, there are once again bedbugs and I am waking up with bites once more. They are almost definitely all the result of the first apartment that was infested as I do not / have never taken in random furniture off the street & also never travel. Apartment still infested, neighboring apartments also still probably infested, ongoing battle to get the problem dealt with. Management was somewhat co-operative, but less so as the problem continues.

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