2302 Rue De Châteauguay
Montréal, QC H3K

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This all happened in 2014.

Someone moved into the building adjacent to my apartment with bed bugs. I had no idea about these things so by the time I noticed the infestation was HUGE. Turns out the landlord already knew they had bed bugs and sprayed their apartment ONLY without telling any other tenants.

They came twice and sprayed but I doubt this was even a real exterminator... he was just one of the building occupants who spent his days on the bench in front of the building. After two sp

rayings, the bed bugs were still absolutely EVERYWHERE.. there was so many there did not even bother hiding. They were all over the ceilings, walls, curtains, etc etc.

I abandoned my apartment. I later found out they had spread throughout the whole building.. In retrospect this is obvious when they only spray one apartment and don't tell any of the adjacent tenants. They came into my apartment mostly through the electrical outlet.. I could tell because of all the bed bug shit all over the outlet.

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