2285 Rue St-mathieu
Montreal, QC H3H

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We've stayed at this building for 5 months, this is the worst place you could ever imagine, the building is infested with bedbugs and roaches, they're everywhere in the building, you can see them everywhere you look. After pest control we start to get more and more , the management is very cheap and rude , they use the janitors to spray instead of hiring a professional. After many complaints they sprayed the whole building, and that's when roaches and bedbugs start to roam freely. Very disgustin

g place to live in downtown. Very rude and disrespectful super. Many people left the place once their leases are finished, so the company put a promotion to get new tenants.

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Never saw roaches and after pest spray, will see huge roaches running all over the kitchen every morning. Killed 5 yesterday, even the baby ones. Extremely poor and rude management. Takes forever for anything to be done. They just don't care about their tenants

this building is infested with bed bugs.
it is one of the worst buildings to live in downtown, pay the 50$ or 100$ extra per month and rent anywhere else and buy your peace of mind.
i had to throw all of my furniture and buy new ones.

the management is so cheap, they ask the cleaners to come spray for bed bugs instead of asking a specialist to come and evaluate the problem and find a solution. stay away for your own good and safety.

My friend lived in that building and he had bed bugs crawling all over the bed. He threw out the bed and was sleeping on the floor with tape around him for protection. He almost went insane. I was so afraid that it will pass on to my place even though I am an entomologist! Management doesn't care about pest control. It is the least of their worries! Run away.

The bed bugs is the reoccuring problem in different appartments. In 2014 we had them twice! The mamagement is highly irresponsible and stingy, to the point where roaches and bed bugs are exterminated by workers who are also cleaners!
And it may take between 2-4 weeks before they come to visit you.

Roaches is a normal thin in the building. The managers freak out and yeal(!) at you if you keep insisting on illiminating the problem. Again, the same cleaners exterminate roaches. They re simply c

hasing them from an appartment to an appartment, so you will likely see the roaches in 2-3 weeks again.

Also when exterminaters come they spray products against both roaches and bed bugs, which probably saves the owner another couple of $$.

Terrible. Consider some other place!

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I was living in this building for three years. I never had a problem with any bugs and the management seemed to always be on top of any and all issues in the building.
Thank you Gestion Clauval!

There are NO bed bugs in that building! There had been some isolated cases which were brought in by the tenants. The bed bugs were eliminated immediately.
The management is very pro-active when it comes to pest control.

A friend and I lived there for a year. In her apartment, there were bedbugs and roaches. It was a year long problem. In my apartment, there were tons of roaches. There is a massive cockroach infestation throughout the building. Sprayed my apartment at least twice a month and I still saw them.

Before I signed my lease, I asked about pests and the superintendent blatantly lied to my face, saying there were none. I've also had a terrible experience with the management, Gestion Clauval. Very rud

e. They lied about a few things to me as well.

If you're thinking of this place or any of the places run by this management, I'd advise you to reconsider.

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