2257 Rue St-marc
Montreal, QC H3H

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What Melodie is not mentioning is that there were NO bedbugs in her apartment before she moved in. As previous tenant of the same apartment, I can testify it was clean and we had no problems.

We spent 6 months spraying for bed bugs. They refused to call professionals, so they did it themselves 6 times and then finally called professionals. The bed bugs are back. DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS BUILDING. In addition to bed bugs, the building is decrepit and the landlord will not fix anything substantial!!

I moved into this place because the rent was dirt cheap. I found out why!!! Infestation in this building is terrible. When I lived there, the apartment was sprayed multiple times, to no avail.

Do NOT move into an apartment in this building!

Right now i'm sitting in my room with all of my clothing in garbage bags. I just spent two hours down in the laundry room, which you can inconveniently only use quarters and loonies, putting ALL OF MY CLOTHES, even washed, into the dryer, and then once that's done putting every single piece of clothing in a ziplock bag because they have to come spray again in 2 weeks and then again 2 weeks later. My room mate is completely devoured, there are bugs crawling on her walls and her matress is infeste

d. Luckily there are none in my room and i have not been bit at all but they have now spread to the living room and I will be PISSED if they get to my bedroom. The owners told us last minute that the exterminators were on strike?? so they are the ones who came and sprayed the apartment. 2 days after spraying, my room mate still is getting bit in the living room where she sleeps!! this is bullshit...it's worst than moving!! She will try to get the owner to pay her a new matress and boxspring, she might even have to throw out all of her furniture because her room is really bad. I think I will sue them if I have to do anything to my furniture!!

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Massive bed bug infestation in probably all the upper floors, it was due to this apartment-hole that
we ended up with bedbugs.
It was difficult because some people didn't get bitten while others did; when we moved,
the situation was brought to our current apartment and it became very bad, after we moved.
we started getting eaten alive!

the landlords of this building did absolutely nothing, they are the worst people, completely denying any problems, continuing to scam students into stay

ing in their building;

this building has such a high turnover rate that it may have single handedly infested most of the guy-concordia area. some people who are living there say they have found no problems, but i would bet money that when they move, the same thing will happen.


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