2121 Rue St-mathieu
Montreal, QC H3H

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I have been living in this building for many years. and last month, i got bedbugs in my appartment, I went to the office, and they took action right away. At first they gave me a steamer and explained to me what to do while waiting for the exterminator.
The exterminator came 2 days later to do the treatment. He came back 2 weeks later to check.
And the problem is solve......
No point being mad at everyone. Bedbugs exist in all major big cities.
But some of my friends had the same problem in

other buildings downtown and 6 months later nothing was done.
So I'm happy to live there.

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This building is deteriorating VERY fast. It used to be much better. Currently there are bedbugs on 20th floor, 19th floor, 18th floor, 17th floor, and 14th floor.

As for cockroach they are at the 20th floor, 21st floor, and 22nd floor.

Unfortunately the management is NOT dealing at all with the issue professionally. They just need our money but no services. I am afraid I will be losing all my furniture, bed, mattress, and clothes just because of their greed.

AVOID this building!!!!! L

ocation is excellent but it is garbage from the inside

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