2080 Avenue Lincoln
Montreal, QC H3H

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On est resté 2 mois! On est parti après avoir vécu: 2 semaines d'attente avant de pouvoir entrer dans le logement mais après avoir payé pour le mois; des entrées dans notre logement pendant qu'on y était pas (par Mala ou par ses hommes à tout faire qui déplacent nos affaires sans nous le demander); 2 semaines de piqures pour finir par se faire raccrocher au nez parce qu'on demandait des preuves que l'extermination promise avait été faite par des exterminateurs c

ertifiés. Comme on se faisait mentir ou ignorer, on a utilisé un formulaire sur le site de la Régie (abandon d'un logement) qui nous permet de partir si les conditions d'hygiène ne sont pas respectées et mettent notre santé en danger. Les réactions allergiques (photos en preuve) ne laissent pas de doute la dessus.
Tout ceci pour dire que ON A DES RECOURS. Un propriétaire ne doit pas être un dictateur. Et doit se faire respecter tout en respectant ses locataires. Ce qui ne semble pas être dans les moeurs et coutumes du 2080 avenue Lincoln.

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A bedbug problem can start with getting them on the street, from a friend or on the metro however, if an apartment building is already at risk there is a high chance that the problem will come back again. They hide in the cracks of your walls, the floorboards and travel from apartment to apartment. It is not a one time extermination that will solve the problem. This requires the cooperation of the landlord and the tenants and ideally every single apartment of the building should be treated or el

se the problem will reoccur. The tenants are required to wash, steam and quarantine all their belongings in bags.

We recently found out that we had bedbugs at 2080 Lincoln and our neighbor told us that the previous tenants also had this problem. I am almost certain that it is illegal for the landlord not to mention anything about potential risk of bedbugs to apartment seekers. It was a nasty surprise and she continuously blames us for the problem.

It is good to hear that Mala is kind to a select few of her tenants. I have never seen her treat anyone with kindness or respect apart from new tenants who arrive. Her selective “forgetfulness” is a way to manipulate others and avoid responsibility and the basic needs of her tenants. She definitely has a good memory for what is beneficial to her. If there is ever a problem it will take her months to fix and you will continuously be neglected and ignored. Just because some of her tenants are students it should not be a reason to take away their rights and try to rip them off. In order to get your basic necessities you need to be stubborn and fight for your rights because when trying to ask for help she will try and confuse with lies and made up stories and steer the conversation in a different direction that will make you not want to ask her for help ever again. She does this all to save every penny she can.

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Mala is the landlord.
She does not take this issue seriously.

She ignores us (the tenants) when we tell her there is a problem.
She might organize for one apartment to be sprayed, but not the adjacent apartments, so the problem gets propagated continuously.

The bedbugs come back and she then keeps saying nobody has a problem, but I've spoken to other tenants who have a problem.

She is crazy.

Bed Bugs do not trend on this street! People can get bed bugs from school, neighbors, subway, by borrowing clothes, having people over...anywhere. Be careful before you start blaming the street, the building or landlord. If they have exterminated your apt, have taken care of it to the best of their ability... than obviously someone staying in the apt is either it keeping up with the exterminator's recommendation or they did not follow guidelines adequately. I live on Lincoln in this building 208

0 for years and I have NEVER had any issues with bed bugs or any bugs for that matter! I am not the only tenant that has lived here for more than 2 years comfortably. To my knowledge there are no vacant apts here.
The landlord checks on me routinely and always asks if there are any issues. My only complaint is that it can be hard to reach her since she is sick but when you persistently remind her daily she comes through every time. I will defend this property as long as I live her since they are good people and dont deserve some young people with bad attitudes ruining the reputation,

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September 11, 2012

Moved in Sept. 1st, just noticed bites on Monday morning. Now, on Tuesday they have grown at least 4 times as bad. I'm going to give it my best shot to get rid of them but I'm not too optimistic as it seems this whole neighbourhood is riddled with bedbugs. As nice of a street as it is, I would consider staying away from Lincoln Ave as bedbugs seem to trend here.

Finally got rid of them.
But nightmare.
We steamed, washed/dried everything.
We used caulking around the baseboards.

Exterminator came twice.
We bought the stuff he used off ebay and sprayed ourselves.
only after this did they go away.

I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

May 1, 2011

Just found bedbugs.
Caught one that just bite me.
Looks exactly like the pictures.
Full of blood.

Seems like we are getting bite each night for the last several days.

We are steaming cleaning everything,

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