1950 Avenue Lincoln
Montreal, QC H3H

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I had this problem a back in summer of 2009 on the 16th floor. They brought an exterimnator to treat my apartment and others on the same floor also.

The bugs were gone for almost two years no problems. Now they're back again in June of 2011.

Nov 12 2010
Got a letter saying that for my satisfaction, this building will be inspecting my appartment...

Don`t have to move anything it says in the letter.

I did not notice anything in my appartment yet, so I hope it`s just a inspection witch is good news unless they find something. At least they are active about this problem...

This place is terrible and the administration is only about making money; they don't care about their tenants or about being fair. STAY AWAY!!!

I stay for 1 month in this bulding 11 floor. I found bed bugs ant it war horrible!!

I have lived in Chateau Lincoln for many year before with my family. Decided to take an apt for me and my bf. We spent over 4 grands on new furniture, we take the apt 1611 Sep 1st 2009 and by the 7th bruised up as if I've nit by my bf. I didn't even know what it was from except I knew it was an insict from itching. Went and complained, they blamed it on us because we just came back from a vacation. Then my neighbour 1612 spk with me to welcome me and I told her what is happening to me. SHe infor

med me that she's had this problem for over 3 months. spk with my neigbour on 1613, and she was just starting to get a few bites. Finally I was told the woman that was living in 1614 ended up in the hospital from the bites and her husband sued the building. A month later a new a new guy toke the place. 3 months later, we hear that he is filling a jar of bugs, over 30 bugs. The administration have no courtacy what so ever. Spk with the regie du legment and sent the building a registered letter. Threatned to throw us out of the building. They did do more than 6 treatments, mid you we have to put ALL the cloths in bags and move the furniture and wash all the clothes after. All winter I opened the windows to freez the house when we are not home, and that killed them ( to my belief) now my neigbours have some again.. Found an apt and asked to be out, can't deal with this any more. spk to other tenent from time to time and it seemed that in every floor one or two apts were infected. Watch out!!

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