1832 Avenue Lincoln
Montreal, QC H3H

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Stay away. When I moved in I started to find bedbugs well the landlord brought exterminator and that worked for around 2months then it back again. The building is crowded with bedbugs and it is poor maintained, and there is maintenance it is don't by unlicensed people because the building has many reports.

My roommate and I both had bedbugs in that appartment,I did not have much scars, but my pillow was full of miniature bloodstains. having bedbugs in that building is pretty much unavoidable. Talking to other tennants, we realized that yeah... every appartment is infested

I was paying around 400$ for a 1 and half in downtown Montreal. It was to good to be true. I came in contact with the bedbugs the first week I moved in but I never realized it was the bed bugs. I thought I was getting sick. Then I saw the bedbugs around my bed!!! I told the janitor and the landlords they gave me some powder and it never helped. This building is very bad. Every apartment has bedbugs. Be aware.
I moved out the same summer but I still have scars from bedbug bite. The landlord bull

ies her tenants.

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