1650 Boulevard De Maisonneuve O
Montreal, QC H3H

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Yes this building has lots of bugs. Its' not only bug issue. This building janitor is also a trouble maker.
Janitor is a non-responsible guy. He issues door key and takes 20$ receipt from tanents but never gives receipt for it. At the time of returning key back he simply says he dont want to return your 20$. If you ask him why, he will give you lame excuses. Even he started fighting with me. I felt so embarrassed and now I dont know what should I do because he never gave me receipt for 20$.

I checked with other tenants too who use to live there, All reported same issue.

Please tell the admin office of this building about this issue.

Your help will be highly appreciated!!!


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The bed bug situation in this building is out of control. The administration does not really do much about it. They will come and spray 2 a year but it is not enough to get rid of the critters.

I have been having a Bed Problem in this Building from January 2011.
Mostly Floor 10, 11 and 12 get infected ( because I know that others have reported problem in this Building)
The land-lord sends people to dis-infect the apartment and the furniture, however after 3 treatments, it has not worked. we still have the problem in our Bed-Room.

It has been a night mare.

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