1607 Rue Ste-catherine O
Montreal, QC H3H

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As the owner of this building I can tell you categorically that we did not have an infestation of bed bugs. However, out of an abundance of caution, and in an effort to calm the fears of one of our tenants, we did in fact have all of the apartments treated for bed bugs. Here's what happened: One of our tenants reported having been bitten by a bed bug. We immediately arranged to have the building treated for bedbugs and we notified our tenants accordingly. When Livinginfear received the notice

, she freaked out because she had experienced bedbugs in a previous apartment (or so she told us) and didn't think she could cope with another such experience. Thus, we simply allowed her to cancel her lease, although we had no obligation to do so. I guess her way of thanking us was to defame us. Following the extermination service the exterminator reported finding NO EVIDENCE OF BEDBUGS IN ANY OF THE APARTMENTS! And when all was said and done, the tenant who made the original complaint told us that it probably wasn't a bedbug that bit her after all. Or if it was, it didn't happen in her apartment!

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I currently live at this address and I have never seen a bedbug. I had heard of the problem before but it had been resolved. The management is competent and like the poster before me said the place was sprayed. I'd have to say that since the spraying there has been no mention of bedbugs amongst my fellow tenants. I'd kindly ask the poster before me to remove your comments, I certainly don't appreciate this being the first thing that comes up when my friends and other guests google my address.

So me again. I have found a live bug fully engorged with fresh blood. Not mine, luckily, as I haven't been home for the last 10 days, but must have wandered over from a nearby apt. Got all my stuff into plastic bags, and gonna get out ASAP. It's moving time.

I have not yet actually seen a bed bug at this address, but the landlord just sent around a notice saying that there have been reports of bed bugs in one or more of the 10 apartments here and that they will be spraying this week (May 30, 2011). Someone just moved out recently which could be due to bugs? And there is a for rent sign posted on the door now.

I myself am just subletting an apt here and I am strongly tempted to move out before me or my stuff is affected....

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