1420 Rue St-mathieu
Montreal, QC H3H

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I had Bedbugs, but the Janitor took care of me right away.

I was told that the problem was partially caused by tenants who didn't prepare their apartment because they had way too much stuff, and another tenant didn't clean their apartment properly. At first I didn't believe them, I thought they were trying to make excuses. They had photos and showed me the exterminators report following other treatments.

They told me to prepare my apartment as per the instructions which explained what wa

s needed to be done, how to prepare the apartment, and to wash everything as I was told in very hot water. The exterminator came at the time scheduled, spent over 30 minutes in the apartment, and came back 3 weeks later to follow up, and the problem was gone.

It seems the janitor was right... my unit was treated and now I don't have any more bedbugs!

I didn't cause the problem, but from what I can tell, the problem wasn't the fault of the staff. I had even called the building manager, he said they would do everything possible to make sure that my apartment was treated as long as I did my part. I didn't like what he was saying at first, as if this problem was my fault, but he assured me that he wasn't blaming me, that these bugs aren't due to cleanliness, and he said that it's almost impossible to find the source. He also said that it was very important to prep the apartment. After seeing the reports and some photos, I understood that I needed to do my part or the problem would return. The staff were very helpful, they all took my concerns seriously, and even thanked me for preparing the apartment correctly. They said if everyone did this, the problem wouldn't get as bad as it did.

I have been bedbug free since the end of January 2015!!!

I love my apartment, the building is old but clean, a great location and the staff is friendly and helpful.

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For the first time in my life I was bitten by bed bugs and it was in this building. We lived on the ground floor and the bed bugs (giant ones) were often seen. It was during 2012. But I still hear that there are a lot of be bugs.

Have been living in this apartment for 3 years and half now. A year and half ago, a friend of mine who also lived in this apartment (3 floors below me) got the problem. Few months after that my floor was also infected.

When I reported the problem to the janitor, he said, "oh mine, again? Ok, next time the company comes back would be..." And told me that the problem comes back often. One time they called the company 3 times in half year just to clean up one unit.

The company came a week la

ter. Though they didn't clean the entire apartment. They only cleaned my unit and 8 adjacent units.

Almost one year later now. Seems like the bugs are back again...

This is an excellent apartment, with nice view, super giant 1 1/2, cheap rent (compare to other apartments nearby), ideal location, friendly janitor. But if you want to live here, be prepared for bug attack.

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