1350 Rue Du Fort
Montreal, QC H3H

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Hey! I'm back to tell you guys that they did a great job in treating my apartment and within three days everything is back to normal! This building is a great building and the problem was with the first bed bug company and now they changed the company they're dealing with!!! It's a great company and it's responsible and caring , they're coming back to make sure everything is under control and spray for the future! :)

I moved in to this building september, 2011 and it was amazing, super clean, huge and for a low rate building it's pretty good.

It has a very nice swimming pool and sauna BUT!!!!!! around April, 2012 I started itching and I never understood why!?!? It was my first time moving alone, I was a student and came to Montreal to finish my course.

anyway, around April I noticed little red bugs moving on my floor and I reported it to the office, two weeks later a guy came in and sprayed my whole ap

artment but I can tell he was very bad at his job... he never inspected the areas or anything.

I was still itching and never saw a bug after which was so weird. Around October 2012 I decided to report another bed bug infestation to the office and a month later they came and sprayed it very well... now it's EVEN WORSE! they're all coming out in ADULT SIZES out of no where I don't understand what happened exactly but they're probably coming out of their hiding places since they were treated.

I am leaving this building and every building in Canada now. I am going out of this place. A place where bed bugs don't exist....

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The building is mildly infested, not too bad, but bedbugs are there and alive. The problem moves from one area to another, from one floor to the next, but it is never really cleared up properly, since the owners refuse to spray the whole building thoroughly. Instead, only isolated apartments are being treated, which allows the bugs to run away into the non-treated neighbors.

My war with bedbugs lasted about 12 months until I gave up and moved out. The exterminator visited 5 times, but the bu

gs kept on creeping in from the neighboring apartments as soon as the poison wore off (every 6-8 weeks).

The building also has problems with spiders, carpet beetles and different types of flies, but landlord does not care much about those and they are left to multiply freely. Have NOT seen cockroaches or ants.

Generally I would not recommend living there, but for a low-rent building it is still pretty good, compared to others in that area. The landlord will send the exterminator without questions every time you see a bedbug. And I promise - you will need it quite often.


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