1225 Rue St-marc
Montreal, QC H3H
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I had the same problem in this building that i had to throw away some of my brand new furniture.
The exterminator came few times to spray my apartment however the bed bugs were still there.
I will move out of the building as soon as possible as i don't want to throw the rest of my furniture away !!

There is a serious bedbug infestation on the 7th floor. This is an ongoing problem that has persisted for a few years now but the building management denies any and all responsibility. the building management will lay blame on the tenant and give them the invoice for extermination costs, knowing full well that the bedbug infestation started long before the tenants affected had even moved in. But this extends to everything, not just bedbug problems. they will deny past plumbing, electrical, or st

ructural damages and once a problem presents itself, they will blame the tenant and make they pay for the incurred costs. there are many legal proceedings happening right now between the building owners and tenants. DO NOT MOVE IN, YOU WILL BE SCREWED OVER.

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Just to let you all know, the Eric person who has lived there since august of 2010 and claims never to have seen ANY bedbugs, is the SON OF THE OWNER OF THE BUILDING. Found this out while at the rental board cancelling our lease for this infested building. DO NOT RENT HERE, IT IS DISGUSTING AND THE JANITOR IS PART OF THE PROBLEM.

Found an infested bed frame in the basement one night. That and we had them in our apartment, 5th floor. Lived with tape on the walls and chemical powder all over the bedroom floor and our bed frame legs in bowls of water for months. This building definitely has bed bugs.

If you want to sleep in peace, do not rent ANY apt. of this building. For sure you gonna encounter bedbugs bites on your soft skin! and you know what? The janitor will definitely accuse you of bringing them into the building!!! She is the biggest liar ever!!!
I was diagnosed with a bedbug infestation in the December 2010. Having informed the janitor of the building she accused of bringing them and then refused to call the exterminator. She also claimed that the building had never diagnosed with

the bedbugs before I came. Fortunately, a guy who assisted them in repair and renovation was there and he called the exterminator, and he came and sprayed all the apartment. Two months after spraying, the bedbugs were back again. Then I directly asked the landlord to call an exterminator. He did called and the same process was done. Again, after some time the bedbugs were back. Although the janitor tried to refuse to call the exterminator again, with my insistence, the exterminator was called to come. Fortunately I figured out that it is not only us facing this situation, but also another tenant in the same floor has been suffering from bedbugs since October 2010! Like me, on 02-June-2011 she was waiting for the same exterminator to spray her apartment for the 3rd time! As the exterminator came to do his job, he realized that all the infestation form October comes from the apartment which was between us the other tenant. The old man who lived in between was a landlord himself. The exterminator spayed the 2 apartments but the person who lived in the one in the middle said he is not ready for any spray and postponed it. Then the exterminator DID SAY to me that with such a situation, even after this spraying, there is NO guarantee that the bedbugs will not come back to my flat. It is ridiculous to say but exactly the next day (today) I got 5 bites again!
Poor janitorial consideration is the MAIN reason. She misled me, and the other tenant for 8 months!!! every night I find a creepy itchy bite on my skin.

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Just to let you all know, the fact that bedbugs ARE in this building was confirmed to us by the manager himself. They seem to have been brought in on the 7th floor;same floor where roaches were quite apparent. Roaches and a bedbug found on the 5th floor as well, in January 2011. Live there or not, we got out so whatever. It is the truth though, sorry. We got this verbal confirmation in March 2011. Good luck to all of you.

I have lived in this building since August 2010 and have never encountered any bed bugs.

I was living in westbrook apartment I have lot of bedbug in my apartmnet they bit me and my boy friend alot .I hate this building please dont live there I hate its janitors and manager they dont care for spray and pesticide ,
Sara 2010

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