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cazambo, i only just now saw your post.

1) call the city of montreal 514-872-0311. tell them you have a chronic bedbug problem and the landlord is pretending the building is clean when you know for a fact other people have complained. ask them to transfer you to the appropriate department.
when you call that department, ask them for their address so you can come in and file a written complaint.
the city will force renmeng to do a proper spraying with a recognized exterminator. do NOT let hi

s wife do the spraying. she's irresponsible and just throws the powder everywhere. it's a bitch to get off the furniture.

2) call arnold bennett's tenant housing hotline 514-488-0412 (try to call as soon as you can in the morning because the line is often busy).
explain the situation and ask what your legal rights are. ask what you can get the Regie du Logement to do.

3) i'm reasonably certain you can ask for compensation via the Regie du Logement (confirm this with arnold bennett's hotline). the Regie for montreal is 514-873-2245 (their office is by the olympic stadium). call them, explain the situation and that the landlord is refusing to take action and instead is blaming you. ask what your options are, including if you can file for compensation. note that a complaint can take up to 9 months to resolve. and there's a filing fee (60$ i think?), which the landlord will be forced to pay if you win.

for the problem with the doorknob on the bathroom, tell this to the arnold bennett hotline and as well as the regie.
since you were stuck inside twice, you should be able to demand with the Regie complaint that you are entitled to compensation as well that he changes the knob properly.

renmeng bought the building a few yrs ago - we used to have a fulltime janitor and he changed to another parttime janitor. he did some things around the building the first year then he completely stopped.
his wife told me they planned to paint, but they didn't do it. we're stuck with ugly purple walls on the corridors.
the only expense they had was to change the hideous carpet to tile floors.
they've literally done nothing else.
when he was first in my apartment, after buying it, he saw i had an airconditioner.
he told me the wiring was old and he was going to send a letter to everyone forbidding the a/c use.
i told him this was illegal and that if the wiring was bad it was his responsibility to change it.
he said no.
he never sent the letter.
he's also tried hostile tactics to tenants who fall behind on their rent. one neighbor told me he put a note in his apartment saying he owed a half month in arrears and gave the guy 3 days to pay it or he'd go into his apt and put all the guy's property on the street.
renmeng came from china and still hasn't learned his legal responsibilities as a landlord here. he thinks he can just push people around.
he's also required by law to do an annual fire alarm inspection. he skipped it for 2 yrs. a few weeks ago the fire dept came in, did their own inspection. i'm reasonably certain they charged him for it. the fire dept also made sure everyone had working smoke alarms.

so he isn't a horrible landlord, just an idiot who does the least amount possible.

as to the cockroach situation, mention it per the 3 steps outlined above.
the city of montreal will also force him to do it, but get advice from the hotline and the Regie.
many yrs back the bldg manager refused to spray my apt so i went to the city of montreal. a week or so later they forced him to spray the entire building cos the problem was very bad.
i do know his wife told me that they bring in an exterminator for common areas in the building to spray against roaches, e.g. like the garbage room. she told me if i had a problem, to let her know and when the exterminator comes in, they'd do the apts that made complaints.

again, do NOT let them push you around.
you pay your rent, and you have rights.

i hope this helps you.

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i've been living there since two months and there were cockroaches and bedbugs,when i complained to renmeng about this,he told me he never had this problem before it's the first time.It must be from my stuff.i should clean everything else because of me there will be all these in the building.It's impossible it's me as all my furniture are new and i washed all my clothes in hot water.

When i took the apartment i told the landlord to clean the stove as it was dirty and to change the door knob o

f the bathroom and he never did it,i was stuck inside twice,i could not open the door.

I don't know with whom i can complain about the landlord and if some actions could be taken regarding the apartment.Can someone suggest me what to do.I saw people complaining about this building that's why i put my complain as well.People who are planning to take an apartment there please don't go there.

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For the below post, I recommend you contact the City of Montreal and file a formal complaint. The city will force the landlord to do a proper spraying with a professional company.
Going thru the Regie - you can ask for compensation due to living conditions and the indifference of the landlord.
It surprises me that Renmeng hasn't taken a more pro active approach.

Many many yrs ago there was a bad cockroach problem and I asked the then handyman if he could spray my apartment. He refused. I we

nt to the City of Montreal and a week later he was forced to spray the entire building. I couldn't stop laughing - all I wanted was my apt done, he ended up doing all 50 units.

You can also send the owners a registered letter stating what the problem is, how many times you've contacted the landlord, what the landlord has done, and state he has 7 calendar days to deal with the problem properly and effectively. Tell him refusal will lead to government complaints (say also you're before the Regie currently). Keep a copy of your letter and the returned pink slip so you have proof when you go to the City, as well as your ongoing file with the Regie.

The internet address directory has this info :

R Xiao
(514) 636-4415
330 Av Roy
Dorval, QC H9S 3E1

I believe this is where Renmeng, the landlord, lives. Call this number just to see if you recognize his voice and just tell him you want to know what he's doing to fix the bedbug problem.

Once you confirm his address, send the registered letter to his house. If you do it to this bldg at apt #15, I don't think it's deliverable.

I hope the above helps you, and I hope you see this post to help you along.

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Opposite of what the other post said. I have been living there for 5 months. My apartment had wall penetrations that wasn't covered which allowed a variety of insects to inhabit my apartment. After the landlord, a man, closed the hole, the cockroach population reduced to a level that the bed bug population were allowed to grow. When telling him I had a cockroach problem, he asked if I had bed bugs this indicates he had prior knowledge of the problem and did not act. Now I know 3 other people hav

ing the same problem, the landlord tried to fix it himself and has resisted getting an exterminator. I am dealing with the Regie du logement as it seems he doesn't give a shit. He even implied that the bed bug problem was from my stuff which is silly. Poor garbage management and poor apartment conditions, if anyone is considering this apartment, do not!

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I just came across this site, so I decided to report what happened here about 2 months ago.

The landlord posted a notice in everyone's mailbox stating the building would be fumigated for bedbugs in 3 days' time. Each apartment would be sprayed.

We were asked to remove all bed linen, comforters, pillows, etc. Everything needed to be washed in hot water (not the pillow obviously).

The fumigator came into my apartment - he was working from the top of the building down. This is a 4 storey b

uilding total (semi basement level, 3 floors above).

When he came to my apartment, he saw the bed stripped down. He was with a woman - the woman seemed to arbitrarily spray my bookshelves. The man sprayed all surfaces of the bed, and the boxspring. He told me to vacate the apartment for 2 hours, leaving the windows open.

I asked him if this was a big problem downtown, and he said yes, all sorts of buildings, everywhere, in Westmount as well.

The janitor was accompanying the fumigator - I asked him what sort of problems the building had. (Note I was not even aware the building had a bedbug problem). The man in the corner apartment to me had thrown out his mattress, but he had a lot. Another man halfway down the corridor threw out his mattress and boxspring. He had a /lot/ of problems apparently. I should note that these two people take home garbage off the streets. So in thinking about the situation, I'm not surprised they had infestations.

The woman in the corner apartment next to me noticed she had bedbugs when her cat was chasing them. I asked her if she reported the problem to the landlord, and she just shrugged and said no.

There were other apartments that were infected, to varying degrees.

I find it surprising that I had none considering the building had them generally everywhere.

The landlord, in my opinion, is responsive to such situations. Shortly after she bought the building, I had a cockroach problem. I went to her and she told me sometimes apartments get infected, and at the beginning of each month, she has a fumigator come by to do a spraying in the garbage room, and for the apartments having problems.

I've lived in this apartment for 14 years, and this is the first time the building has been sprayed for bedbugs.

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