2125 Rue St-marc
Montréal, QC H3H

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I'm glad I found this website.

I was very interested in moving in and really impressed with everything I saw...

I will take everyone's words to heart and not even bother.

I did not have bedbugs. However, I had cockroaches since I moved in. I heard many people complain from bedbugs. So I bought a large number of products to try to keep them out of the apartment. I had to always be super-conscious to make sure that the apartment is pest free until I was able to to finish up my 1 year lease and get out of there.
The building is very poorly maintained. The elevators are a nightmare.
The building manager is rude and provides no help and moreover the regional mana

gement for this company is just a joke.

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We are sorry to hear about your experience. We take our Resident concerns very seriously and would like to ask that you please send your name and contact information to our Customer Experience department at [email protected]
Thank you,
Timbercreek Communities

Not too sure about bed-bugs, but there's definitely cockroaches here. I've been in the building since 2010, and after dozens of attempts by both new and old management to get rid of them, it is pretty clear at this point that they are here to stay.

You do kind of get used to them sadly enough, although it is still pretty annoying to hunt the cursed things down every time you turn the lights on to go to the bathroom at night.

I pay a reasonably cheap price, or else I probably would have a

lready moved. I can't imagine paying the prices this place charges now.

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Less than two weeks after moving in (June 2015), we woke up to bedbugs in our bed. The building did pay for the exterminator, but the administration has been a nightmare to deal with. They tell us one thing and contradict themselves an hour later, dodge our calls, ignore our emails, give us improper notice of appointments and accused us of bringing the bugs in ourselves when we moved. They are unsympathetic and unhelpful at every turn.

We saw the reports on this site between signing the lease

and moving in. When pressed, management told us that there had been no reports since the building came under new management and cleaned things up in 2013. If they tell you the same thing, IT IS A LIE. We are still dealing with bugs, as are other people in the building.

The best advice I can give you is to try and capture bugs and keep them in a ziplock bag as proof. Our infestation is small, and before we showed them the bugs they expressed skepticism that we had bedbugs at all. They cannot tell you that you don't have an issue if you have bedbugs to show them. Get everything you possibly can in writing. You will probably have to fight them on this - we did - but it is important.

There are numerous other non-bedbug issues with the building as well. Electrical sockets don't work, pigeons everywhere, temperamental hot and cold water (currently resulting in our water being turned off once every two weeks), and that's ignoring what a nightmare it is dealing with the administration. I cannot recommend against moving in here enough. We'll be gone as soon as our lease is up.

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Never never never rent an apartment in this building if possible live on roads but not in this building,paying $1250 per month to live with bugs and be there delicious food. I was living in this building since 2012 but before this i was on 14th floor and that apartment was okay we didn't have any bug problem,but that unit was affected by the cockroaches,than i moved to 5th floor newly renovated apartment,full of bugs in the starting i had one or two bites and i complaint my building staff, the

y came to inspect my apartment and found nothing just said that you might have some allergies,and i also believe that may be they were right and after couple of months it gets worst and again i complaint for the same problem, they came my apartment and did the treatment just in less than 5 mins but according to me they did nothing,now again my house is full of bed bugs you can easily see them during night and i am use to there bites soon may be got some serious disease because of bugs, this time they came to my apartment and said you were not prepare, i already throw my sofa , my 3 blankets and many clothes, before going to bed i have to struggle with them, vacuum my bed and daily i did steam wash to my matters and pillows
still struggling may be some miracle happens.now the conclusion is never rent apartment in this building.

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Thank you for your comments and concerns regarding 2125 Rue Saint Marc. We do take the outlined issues very seriously and ask that you please contact our resident relations department by email at [email protected] or by phone at 1-855-722-9967 and provide us with your contact information and unit number so that we can look into this for you.

Thank you,
Timbercreek Communities

DO NOT RENT AN APARTMENT IN HERE. Unless you love having your kitchen infested with cockroaches and your bed and sofas infected with bedbugs! Although the day you visit the apartment, it all seems clean and nice, once you move in and wait a couple of weeks, the insects reappear (they disinfect and clean the place before the new tenants move in). The thing is that there is a HUGE infection within the building itself, not just some of the apartment. Their either have to get everyone out of the bui

lding and clean everything or destroy it completely to stop the infestation.

Unfortunately, people will always come to this building! So sad, we really liked before we found those bugs... :(

Spread the word, this is probably one of the worst building to live in in Downtown Montreal. Horrible staff, horrible prices considering how much it is dirty and infected... and horrible experience in the end, you will rush to just get out of there once you discover what hell it is...

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I lived here from May 2012 - April 2014. While I never had a problem with bedbugs, I thought I should add to the other reports here and say that I had cockroaches from the day I moved in until the day I left.

I lived on floor 16. Pest control came many times, and it reduced them temporarily, but the roaches always returned. One time, when pest control came they told me someone on floor 15 was extremely neglectful, and that they'd only been in there to treat the place once, but that this unit

was causing problems for surrounding units - including a brand new renovation across from mine.

The management tried to convince me to stay, but moving out was the best decision I made this year.

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I signed my lease with this apartment in April, but didn't move in until end of August. I didn't notice anything until mid september, until I started developing itchy bites on my ankles. Didn't think anything of it as I'd never had bed bugs before. Wasn't until my whole body was covered in bites and I couldn't wear t-shirts or shorts outside without them showing. I then started seeing cockroaches, and noticed my microwave was completely infested. I washed my sheets and all of my clothing twice a

long with vacuumed and mopped the whole apartment, to wake up with just as many bugs as the night before. Sent numerous emails to the building manager, to the superintendent, to the company manager, and to the head of the company and didn't get a response for a month. Sent numerous emails daily. They cleaned the apartment, although it didn't work, and then accused me of lying when I came back with more bites. I am paying 900$ a month and have slept at my apartment less than 25 times since I've moved in, The way that the building has handled this situation is disgusting. I wouldn't wish this experience upon my worst nightmare.

And on top of it all, there has been constant construction since the second I moved in, as well as an unbearable noise that comes from the shower when hot water is turned on.

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Moved in 2014.
Was fine for 2 months... Then the cockroaches moved in.
They are everywhere - kitchen, bathroom and I've even found them in my sheets!!!!!
Worst still is after months of ineffectual treating I now appear to have bed bugs.
The bites are very painful! I have almost a years worth of complaint letters and correspondences- but the situation has only deteriorated.
Do not move in here... It's hell.

Crap...I should have come to this page before moving in.

Havent had bed bugs (thank god) but ive had roaches! A LOT! This building is fucking infested with cockroaches!

Moved in he building in june 2011...dont think there were roaches in my appartment but talking to the exterminator later on, i know that this was ALREADY a problem in the building.

I didn't even know that there were cockroaches in Canada. The thing is if the insect population is low, you won't even notice them....


august 2012, the whole place was micropolis. Couldn't go into the bathroom at night without having to fight with multiple roaches... small to medium sized insects. It's awful to have to live like this...and you pay almost a four-digit rent!!!

Talked to the management, they called an exterminator once : didnt do a damn thing, three months later, the exterminator came again. It barely slowed down the flow of insects but didn't stop it.

The second time i went to talk to them i found out that the exterminator was coming the same week because more than seven appartments complained about roaches. from the 2nd floor to the top !

The building is infested they are living inside the walls and as long as they won't treat the whole building they'll keep moving from appartment to appartment...as the exterminator tries to get rid f them

ITS A NIGHTMARE, i wish this to no one not even my worst ennemy. Yet the management doesnt care much.

DO NOT MOVE HERE (unless you are studying insects, in which case you've found the right apartment)

PS: if you need to, i have pictures and videos as proof... started to gather documentation before a potential lawsuit. but i ended up living at my girlfriends place. only sleep there from time to time. it's awful..

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I moved into La Citadelle in June of 2012, and the building is still infested. My apartment had been renovated entirely, so the bugs didn't come until early August. Now I can't get rid of them, even after doing a heat treatment, and when I asked my landlord to do something about it, the exterminators he called came and treated my place for cockroaches. This is the second time I have been in a bed bug infested building, and it is hell. Seriously, do not ever move to this building!!!

Moved in July 2007, and I was bitten by bed bugs few days after I moved in. Found out later, that the entire building was infected by bed bugs for quite some time. Many floors are still infected. DO NOT MOVE IN!!

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