2070 Boulevard De Maisonneuve W
Montréal, QC H3H

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I've been living in this building for a few years and I've had no problems up until this May. One of the apartments in my building had bedbugs and they came to spray the whole floor just once as a precaution and guess what less than a month later i found one bug in my apartment, went to see the manager, they completely ignored my request to be sprayed. I've been living a nightmare since May and the apartment managers (the building is controlled by a lady who also manages 2050 next door) have don

e nothing but only called the extermination after a fight. What's more the exterminators need to come for the second treatment but they never did. Then the bugs reproduced and I don't know how many times I had to use some bug powder to get rid of the bugs. I even paid for an extermination myself. The lady is very rude and whenever I ask for the guy she ignores me. I got rid of my bed and mattress, a drawer and a bookshelf. I replaced the bookshelf and the drawer thinking that the bugs were gone. But I got bitten while sleeping on my couch and found one again exactly 3 days after the guy came to spray my apartment. I want to move, but am afraid that I will somehow carry the bugs to the new apartment and/or the apartment I will move already has bugs. I am so furious and stressed about this whole situation and don't know when/if I will get rid of them.

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I was travel to Montreal and lived there for 2 nights. I found terrible red bites on my feet while I was at the airport. The bites are itching all the time and look just like the ones showing in the photo @ bedbugger.com.

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