2055 Rue St-mathieu
Montréal, QC H3H

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Forget the bedbugs the building is infested with Cockroaches!!! Its just disgusting, you can't miss them if you enter the building from the Maisonneuve side next to entrance for the Depaneur in the building.... on the floor, on the walls, by the elevator, crawling all over the place. The building will send an exterminator to your appartment for free if you complain but it doesnt solve the Big problem...which is the whole building is infested and not just a few appartments. The exterminator told

me his company has advised the building owners to treat the whole building since going to a few appartments wont solve the problem.... but they refuse since they're too cheap to cough up the money to treat the whole building!

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Before making such claims you best be sure to have your facts right.

First of all, the building is not infested, I should know. There has been individual cases but nothing close of infestations (you should read up on what an infestation actually is before stating that).

Bedbugs are hard to control because they come from the outside, unlike other insects such as ants or spiders, or even cockroaches. High travel frequency, purchasing of used clothing and / or furniture has caused the rapid

expansion of these insects. Therefore such a new problem was hard to manage for most landlords, if not all.

With time came experience. We cover all first time treatments which come with a guarantee for a certain period of time (usually 60-90 days).

Now the interesting fact: most people who have bedbugs DO NOT tell us about it. They try to treat it on their own by using RAID or other products that do not work. Sometimes we found them using illegal products from other countries. So it is impossible for us to know until someone comes to tell us about it.

We do take this problem seriously, and as of now (to our knowledge) there is not one apartment with bedbugs. And that is far from having an infestation.

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This building is infected and the landlord does not accept to clean it.

I had paid for the deinfection twice and 2 neighbours I know did that at least once. A lot of neighbours are complaining as well and I am sure more than half the building has bed bugs.

The landlord acknowledge this but said that it is an epidemic and can not do anything to clean the apartments.

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