1650 Boul René-lévesque O
Montréal, QC H3H

Found 3 reports:

June 2015 , we found a bed bug on the sheets and my roommate woke up once arm and neck inflamed because of the bites !! They did and investigation and turns out that our neighbours are riddled with them !!! And they started spreading !

After treatment we found another bed bug that led us to decide to leave this building !!!

A family was staying there for three months summer of 2014. They had a year contract but broke it due to a bed bug infestation. The children had at least twenty bites each. The building is full of International students but no one says anything! The managements acts surprised that there are bugs and blames the tenant for bringing them. That was obviously impossible because the population of biters was much more advanced than one or two brought in luggage could ever manage. I was brought in to he

lp find the source and provide proof to management. I never found their residence! But blood poops were on the sheets.

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I was staying in this place in may 2014, I notify the owner about a bit I got when I slept in their place. However, he refused to help me. Other day I noticed a blood on my sheet.
As a result I find out the place infected by bedbugs.

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