1411 Rue Du Fort
Montréal, QC H3H

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This is me again... I submitted a report yesterday. Just found another bug, a small one... walking on my living-room wall this time. (she/he is in a bag as well)

I have been in this apartment for about a month and a half and I have found two different types of bugs already:
. A round bug of a size of a small lady bug bug brown and with a not-so-round shell.
. a much smaller, not so round type of bug. This one I couldn't say if it's a smaller version of the bigger one or if it is just a different one. I have put this one in a plastic bag and I will keep doing the same with new ones I find.
All my furniture is brand new; also, I just bought new mattres

s and sheets so I am really worried since the bugs are always around the bed (Do they like the warmth of it?) and I certainly don't want them to reproduce around it.
Please help?

see full report...

I called a specific company to help me get rid of the bed bugs

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