1436 Rue Mackay
Montreal, QC H3G

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I found a bed bug in my apartment today December 7th 2011. And FYI "Anonymous" sounds just like a Cromwell management employee!

The management of this building is very concerned by the bedbugs and has a yearly contract with an exterminator who comes every month for the common area to prevent any contamination. If once a while, an apartment is contaminated,specially during the moving in high season, immediate action is taken and problem is solved within the week.

should have known about this site earlier. i am outta here. Place is tottaly infested

Started about three months ago in my apartment, on the 7th floor. I got over 20 bites in one night. I asked the landlord to send an exterminator. First exterminator she sent told me that there are no visible signs of bedbugs in my apartment. I washed all my clothes and sprayed the whole apartment on my expense but this did not help. They started biting again within several days. In three months my apartment had been professionally sprayed 3 times. Finally they disappeared several weeks ago howev

er I am pretty sure they are hiding somewhere since the whole building is contaminated. I am going to move out as soon as I can!! (november 2010)

see full report...

My apartment was so infested in there that I had to move in 2009 and leave most of my belongings there. The staff doesn't care, the building is falling apart as well. It was so gross, I was covered in bites everywhere. Glad to get out of there and live somewhere bug free where they care about their tenants!

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