57 Rue Ste-catherine E
Montreal, QC H2X

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I woke up with bed bug bites on my body. 6 to be exact. Scratched for half of my trip to Montreal. The hotel is sketchy and although is cheap is not worth the stay and the potential of being bitten and taking home bugs with you. Do not stay at Hotel Villa.

A couple of friends and I decided to stay at a hotel that was conveniently right beside the metropolis. We had checked the bed before hand for bed bugs and found nothing until we came back later that night and came to find bed bugs all over the bed and curtains. To our disgust, we left the hotel room immediately and went downstairs to issue a refund. (We here not even in the room for more than 2 hours overall). We went downstairs and had found that there were already two men complaining about th

e bed bug infestation in their hotel room on the 6th floor (we were on the 3rd). We went to the front desk and asked for a refund but the young man working at the counter could not apparently issue it at such a time so we were left stranded with no money and no hotel to stay at. Luckily we found one at the end of the evening but it was disgusting and the only solution the front desk had was to give us a crappier room. I advise that no one stays here. (Location is terrible as well) When confronted about the infestation the man at the desk has said they have had many complaints and hotel managers use 'chemical pesticide' rather then getting an exterminator because they claim to not want to spend money.. the next day when we got our refund the other man claimed they called the exterminator within the hours of 4am and 10 am... not possible.. nothing was done.

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