3450 Rue Hutchison
Montreal, QC H2X

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The landlord is a lawyer. Must I say more? Don't move in to this place or any other place owned by him. He's a crook. Used to charge all the tenants $30-$40 because he "changed the lock to their door before they moved in"...which was a scam. This place was infested with bed bugs in literally every floor. My neighbor had bed bugs and has to move out after 2 months of constantly breathing in poison. Not to mention that during the winter months it was freezing in the apartment because they would N

OT pump up the heating.

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I just stumbled across this site now that I am looking for a place myself, I had a friend that lived here on the 3rd floor last september and he had to throw out all his furniture because the bed bug problem. Do not live here! they will not be able to get rid of them

Dear Gabrielle,
This is the building manager.
I'am not aware of any bed bugs in this building, or do I know who you are. Do you have the right address? Please contact me immediately, if you have bed bugs. We take this very seriously, and will have a professional in immediately.I live in this building, and certainly wouldn't want any bed bugs.
Best Regards

Hi Gabrielle,

I'm currently living in the building and I'm quite afraid about your message. Was your apartment sprayed? Which apartment or floor is it?

Thank you!

Stay away from this building! Found several bites a few months ago, and thought it was mosquitoes until itching for a long time. Then I found bedbug on the mattress and this website with so many complaints! Should check it before I moved in. The manager is so bad, arguing and yelling all the time.

Had to break my lease in October after having my room sprayed MULTIPLE times since March 2012. Building manager and owner are hard to reach, rude and unhelpful - they lack basic communication skills and ethical standards. Intolerable management, intolerable conditions, stay away.

Apt. 706 I was getting a few bites for the first two weeks of September and didn't realize it was bed bugs. I saw one and have since done everything in my power to get rid of them (washing everything, spraying, put my mattress in a sealed casing, put cocking around all the baseboards) and last night I still got a couple of bites! I don't know where they are coming from I haven't been able to find their hiding place! Be aware!

I've been getting bites for about a week now, not realizing it was bedbugs. Today I found a bedbug, and am no longer in denial. Apartment 307.


I was getting bitten by Bedbugs for 6 months and I had to break my lease because of bed bugs. I never had this experience in my life. This is the worst place you can ever stay. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE. It's cheaper compared to other apartment in McGill ghetto but you get what you pay for. Talking to landlord never helps. She will be yelling at you.

man i couldnt sleep like for a 2 weeks now..i have thrown all my furniture and i am literally in pure discomfort.Landlord is very argumentative and is not helpful at all..Apartment #605

I just woke up and felt something on my arm. I grabbed for it and felt a little ball. I put it in a tissue and brought it in the bathroom. It was a black bug. My arm started itching. I squeezed the fat oval-shaped bug and it was full of blood.

I am subletting apt. 907 for the summer. It's 2am and summer just started. :( This apt has been a problem since I moved in. I get smoke in the apt from the guy 3 floors down. Ugh.

Got biten everywhere in one night.
The landlord didn't get enough spray.

Apartment 505 and at least one neighbouring apartment had bedbugs. Other apartments in the building also had them.

The landlord is not very helpful in getting rid of them.

This was in the summer of 2009.

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