303 Boulevard René-lévesque E
Montreal, QC H2X

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May 30th, 2011

This is a university residence, which rents out rooms like a hotel during the summer.

I was participating in a month-long program at the university. I knew I should check for bed bugs the first night but I was too tired. I woke up to find a severe infestation. The room was lit with sunlight yet I found many bugs crawling around on the bed in the morning. The first one I saw was so big that bed bugs didn't even cross my mind. Then I saw all the other ones.

What worr

ies me about this is the way the staff handled it. They did not seem to know much about how to deal with bed bugs. At first they tried to make me stay in the same room another night, because the bed bugs "weren't confirmed." This is after I had already trapped a bed bug to bring down to show them, AND had pictures. I argued and argued until they finally agreed to give me another room. I was in an apartment with 8 bedrooms and at first they were just going to move me. I had to explain that if I left, the bed bugs would just crawl next door to the bedroom beside mine. So we insisted that all 8 of us be moved. This was after we had spent hours laundering our clothes and packing everything up into plastic bags. We had been there for less than 24 hours so luckily the bed bugs didn't have time to invade all of our belongings. My bites didn't show up until ten days later.

So in the end they did move us to another apartment. We were there for a month and didn't find any bugs. BUT watch out because they don't seem knowledgeable about how to get rid of them, so the infestation might continue to grow.

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