3455 Rue Aylmer
Montréal, QC H2X

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The new company informed tenants that extermination for bedbugs of whole building will begin on Oct. 14th. Let's hope this building gets rid of bedbugs for GOOD!

We just got new owners. They are suppose to exterminate for any bugs. The city law states that the landlords will be fined if they don't pay for extermination. These bugs better not show up again or the new company will have to PAY.

Bed Bug free? Where? At This Address? All the tenants just received a notice dated July 2015 about Bedbugs spreading in this building and to report it to the Superintendent immediately. This problem hasn't gone away. It won't go away until the ALL the apartments are fumigated.

I am the superintendent of 3455 Aylmer, and I think that Michela just panicked.
Why would someone throw away books and other stuff without first asking for professionnal help.
It was already too late when she reported the bed bugs problem. She threw away everything when it was not necessary to do so.
There is a bed bugs infestation everywhere in Montreal and this building was free of any bugs for 10 years.
This was simply bad luck and we spent a lot of $ in an effort to fix that problem.

e are now bed bugs free, after many treatments and we are doing preventive treatments.
Also some of these tenants received compensation from the administration for their cleaning expenses.
It's too easy to blame the building, who took all responsability and paid for everything.

Thank you

Gilles Knight

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Disgusting and bed bugs issue. I had to wash all my clothes and forget about the bed - just threw it. The management should be blamed as this is unprofessional. Neighbor buildings do not have any issue and you would think that having this is the highest building would offer better service.

One side of the building - left side) had bedbugs from the penthouse floor to the 8th floor. The administration has called in an exterminator. They will come more than 1 time to get rid of the bedbugs. I have had my apartment exterminated 2 times. So far, so good.
I lost $3,000 of clothes, $2,000 of books ,had hundreds of bites and many sleepless nights. The administration knew there was a bedbug problem several months ago in the summer. They never informed the tenants about this situation to

try to exterminate all the apartments..
The supervisior seems to think that she doesn't have to deal with this problem. Thank goodness, the superintendant is trying to help tenants get rid of this problem.

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