25 Avenue Des Pins O
Montreal, QC H2W

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I started being bitten since I moved in and didn't know they were bedbugs until 4 months later . now I have an inflammatory reaction. the building sux . watch out people

Moved in late august ... the exterminators came to my place twice as a preventative method, the last time being two weeks ago. I thought I was in the clear until today i found myself covered in bites and later found a bug under my bed. The tenant living upstairs from me has been bitten every night since he moved in in september as well.
No wonder there was no fuss for me to move in :/

Moved in August 31st....had a call a week after from my landlord asking me if I had bed bugs. I say no because I didn't notice anything. Then thought I found one so calle dmy landlord. She comes the next day and there I see my neighbor who said they have had many treatments already. Can't believe this is happening to me, not even a week after moving to this new place. Really really disappointed.

Discovered bedbugs this week after living here for not even a month, all my furniture is brand new. Many bites!

Discovered a bed bugs problem last week.
Landlord called the exterminators but new bites continue to appear. Other tenants in the building report the same thing.

i am sorry. mistakenly, i submitted this posting that there were bedbugs at the address 25 avenue des pins. i meant to submit that there were bedbugs at the address 8o ave des pins west.

apt 403 2012 to present filthy tenant filthy building

I discovered bedbugs under my mattress in October 2008, 4 months after I moved in. When I complained, the building manager had an exterminator there within 3 days to spray my apartment as well as about five other apartments in the building. When I talked to her she let it slip that they had sprayed a few months previous. I got the impression that it was an ongoing problem, which was why they were so quick to hire an exterminator. Fortunately, my infestation was relatively minor, and I only neede

d one visit from the exterminator to end it.

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