10 Avenue Des Pins O
Montreal, QC H2W

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Turns out the whole 3rd and fourth floor were sprayed a bit over a month ago. I was optimistic at first but it turns out that since it was "guaranteed" they just assume it is gone. I found 3 bedbugs since the treatment. Heard a neighbour also did. Told the caretaker twice but he has not responded yet. Also not sure the person who came was very competent. Discussing with her I soon realized I knew just as much if not more than her about the subject. Since the owner pay there nothing to be done a

bout the choice of PCO... Tired of this bullshit, moving out soon!

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Had a treatment last year, at that time I had just moved in. It remained ok till last month. Owner is gonna be spraying the whole 4th floor this time. Take further steps of my own. One neighbour is a dirty old man, suspect he does not do the necessary work with sheets& all...

I live in a loft on the 3rd floor. We have not had bugs in the 1.5 years that Ive lived here, but we have been sprayed as a precautionary measure, usually when other lofts are being sprayed so that the bugs dont travel to our loft.

The above review is an exaggeration of facts. You dont 'bomb' to get rid of bed bugs. You get sprayed, and it is a bit of a pain in the ass, but the process is effective if you take the right steps(washing all your clothes/bedding on hot water and then drying on hi

gh heat.

There has been an issue in this building for a few years thats come in wave in certain lofts, but this is a plague that is everywhere in North America. It is not specific to any socio-economic group, living standard or situation. The exterminator that has come here a few times has significantly more cases in places like West Mount then he does on the plateau.

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the whole building is covered in bedbugs. it has been bombed twice in 4 months. I don't think it will ever go away due to the very poor living standards of the lofts. 3rd floor especially is the worst for bed bugs.

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