6596 Rue Jeanne-mance
Montreal, QC H2V

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Neighbors moved out just before July 1st, told me they had bed bugs and couldn't get rid of them. She said the landlord had an exterminator at her place twice and nothing done. I phoned said landlord and insisted that the whole building be done, to which he agreed. Exterminator shows up, does his thing, and one month later I have them. Even after taking all precautions (I am very careful--- I lost everything to bedbugs five years ago), I still wind up with about a dozen full grown bugs along

with eggs and nits on the bottom of box spring and metal bed frame.

Found out that the landlord had dealt with a budget company that offered to spray six apartments (our whole building) for 300$. This gives me pause, as I did a little research and found that more reputable companies charge 2500$ plus tax, for the same service.

And of course, my landlord wants to have nothing to do with the notion that perhaps his chosen company should have questionable quality of service...

I'm looking into my options of breaking our lease and finding somewhere else to live, and once more getting rid of most of my things.

The landlord here is just lazy and doesn't care about the tenants. He's just sitting on the old building waiting to flip it to some demolition crew who will build up some expensive condos. Cheap rent comes at a price...


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